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3 Best Multi Day Hikes In Scotland That You Can Challenge

Do you have a plan to experience the best multi day hikes in Scotland in future? Scotland is one of the highest destinations of both domestic and international tourists spending their holiday. This country has an amazing natural view from the beautiful river, forest, and mountain. Now, we provide some routes that are mostly passed by the tourists.

3 Holiday Highlight for Hiking Routes in Scotland

The people love to enjoy their vacation by hiking, trailing, and walking in those areas. Absolutely, it gives everything you need to escape from your daily routine. So, here are the best routes that we recommend to challenge.

Speyside Way Giving Unforgettable Long Journey

The first route takes 6 to 7 days to pass approximately 105km from North to South. This long journey gives unforgettable memory by challenging holiday. The people can see a glimpse of some dolphins here when they pass Spey Bay. During this traveling, you will see fascinating scenery views such as charming coastline, rural farmland, mountain, and dense forest. Some people add this country as the most beautiful country on this earth due to those breathtaking beauties.

This best multi day walks in Scotland gives you a chance to visit some fishing towns. It is very recommendable for Salmon lovers because there is huge of Salmon there. Furthermore, the traveler can visit Glenlivet and Glenfiddich to see the famous Whiski distilleries.

Speyside Way and Tomintoul Spur

Similarly, this tour starts from the North and would be ended in the South. However, it is slightly shorter that is around 130km. On this highland, the visitor can go to Glenlivet distillery to take a tour. One of the most interesting activities offered by taking this route is getting best day hikes in Scotland by visiting the highest village in this country.

Another advantage for the tourist is going to Cairngorm Mountain and Cairngorm national park. Two of them are best places which offer natural scenery view. After between 7 and 9 nights, these places ensure the people to go back home without nothing but a satisfaction.

Speyside Way Taster Break

This is the shortest route from 3 recommended ways. However, the shortest day does not mean do not able giving extraordinary experience for the visitors. This route has some special places to be visited in. The first is enjoying the atmosphere around little villages and learn more deeply about their local history. Even more, they can also visit the whiskey distilleries that are offered from long distance tour.

After all, these three routes with different distance. You can manage your holiday appropriate to your holiday duration, health condition, and financial support before deciding to choose one of these best multi day hikes in Scotland on this website.

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