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Best Hikes To Do In Scotland, Mark These Spots On Your List

If you are into hiking, Scotland surely one of the best spots in the world. The terrain of hills and mountains would keep your feet busy while keeping your eyes fresh and entertained by the whole scenery of serene highlands. Now, if you are ready to pack things up and start your journey, here we select spots that promise you the best hikes to do in Scotland.

The Scotland’s Great Trail: The Definiton of A Perfect Walk

The Scotland’s Great Trail was formerly named the four Long Distance Routes that includes hiking trails as well as cycling and canoe routes in Scotland’s countryside. The trail has a total of 27 routes and each route has been weymarked with a symbol of hexagonal thristle.

From the shortest route of Dava Way with length of 24 miles (39 kilometers) up to the longest route of Southern Upland Way that laid from Portpatrick to Cockburnspath which has overall distance of 212 miles (341 kilometers) is all available to provide you the best experiencee oh hiking at The Scotland’s Great Trail. To help you narrowing down your options, these are three of the best known routes in the trail.

The West Highland Way, Scotlands’ Exhilarating Sight

West Highland Way

The West Highland Way spreads from Milngavie, near the city of Glasgow to Fort William. The distance covers around 96 miles or 154 kilometers. The route has been opened since 1980 and has been favourite for many hikers especially students of the University of Glasglow.

The Great Glen Way For Your Great Walk Day

Great Glen Way

First opened in 2002, The Great Glen Way quickly took fame as a favourite hiking route. It is located right after The West Highland Way. When you arrived at Fort William you can start—or continue your hikes up to Inverness, which is around a distance of 79 miles or 127 kilometers far.

The Southern Upland, An Undying Landscape Beauty

This last route is—as what you have known in the opening paragraph, the longest trail in the Scotland’s Great Trail. It’s undoubtly designed for you professional hikers who dares to take the challelnge.

In preparing your hiking, the key is a tedious and careful planning. Weigh all the options and decide the one suits you best. Is it slow walk in soft easy trail or a climb op above stony hills? Whatever your priority is, this country has offers you a wide selection of spots for your best hikes to do in Scotland.

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