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Best Hiking Routes Scotland; What Are On The List?

Hiking becomes one hobby that makes everybody happy. Everywhere, we can find people with hiking as their hobby. In Europe, one of the richest countries with hiking routes is Scotland and many people curious about the hiking routes in this country. There are some names in the list of best hiking routes Scotland that you have to know about. Those names should be on your list as well when you want to try the best hiking routes in Scotland. What are the routes? Here is the information for you.

Beinn Alligin, Wester Ross

One of the best hiking routes Scotland is Beinn Alligin. This routes is a mountainous routes which is very important and impressive for you to go for adventure. When you decide to choose this route, you will spend the whole day to finish with the full route. As you know, hiking sometimes becomes a hard thing to do, you have to prepare it well, also when you want to try this route as well. For your attention, when you want to walk in this route in summer, you will find some obstacles that you have to deal with. Meanwhile, when you decide to walk in winter, it will be more cautious, since you have to deal with the snow in the ground. So, make sure that you are well-prepare before you go.

Tentsmuir Forest, Fife

In the north-east of Fife, you can find the router of Tentsmuir Forest that the forest itself has the large about 1500 hectares. For you who have a high enthusiast with the wildlife, this route is a good choice for you. When you visit this route, you will find the path that usually used by the ramblers, hikers and walkers that already familiar with this place, so you do not need to worry to walk in this route. This route belongs to one of the best hiking routes Scotland that will give you the worth landscape and natural atmosphere.

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

When you want to do hiking but do not want to go further from the capital city of Scotland, Arthur’s seat is the best choice for you. This route will offer you the gentle path in your hiking, but you still can choose the harder one when you think that you need more challenge in your hiking. The scenery of this route is also adorable and great, you will never be disappointed with this one of the best hiking routes Scotland.


Iona is another side of Scotland that has very good scenery and fresh air. For the walker that really loves the peace moment while walking or hiking, this place is should be the best place to visit. The route and the scenery is a worth for the struggle that is done by the walker when they visit this place. When you want to visit this place, make sure that you also prepare all things that you might need in the middle of your activation since you might get tired in the middle of it. So, that is all about the best hiking routes Scotland for you.

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