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Best Walks In North West Scotland You Have To Try

North West Scotland is sure a heaven on earth for walkers and hikers, be it for casual slow-pace walkers or those who searching the thrills of adventure. While searching for the best walks in north west Scotland, what you need to keep in mind is that you are on the right track.

Scotland is best to explore by foot—actually, this rule applies for any travelling too—simply because you never know what you could have missed on the road, there might have been gems, treasures, and places you didn’t know about! So, let’s take a good look on the best walks in north west Scotland for you to try on your next trip.

Sandwood Bay and It’s Exquisite Beach

Sandwood Bay
source : wikipedia.org

A low-key beach is a Sandwood Bay, you can say so as the beach rarely seems to be busy despite its popularity and reputation for walkers. This remote beach is promising a perfect relaxing walk on its grandeur coastline. This place is perfect for a lone walk, or a romantic one, it’s fine either since you’ll rarely found crowds in this beach.

Loch Carrigean Cairn, The Idyllic Scenery Frame

Located at the Invernessshire, Loch Carrigean Cairn, are several old cairns stood on the heathland of what has been said to be dated back to 4,000 years ago according to its discoverer Diarmid MacAulay. Diarmid admitted that the place was originally hidden and he was able to found it by reading its description from a book. Looking at the aged cairns is certainly a historical experience, it gives you the idyllic feelings like something out of a fairytale.

Portmahomack Fishing Village

source : wikipedia.org

If you enjoy coastal hiking then a trip to Portmahomack fishing village is the place for you. Located in Easter Ross, the village was firstly built in the 1700s. The planned fishing village is not only famous for easy walk trail but also the Pictish monastery (early Christianity and the Vikings) and the whole history around the early settlements. A nice trip through the quite walking trails around the small fishing village while enjoying the historical buildings within it.

All in all, the best walks in north west Scotland in this list is what most tourists went to. If you have picked your favourite amongst them, you should always check further on their seasonal tourism, unless you wanted to get jam-packed in an overcrowded spot when what you wanted is great natural scenery and moment of solitude with mother nature. Okay then, see you in Scotland!

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