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Best Walks In Scotland With Dogs, Spots To Go

Looking for a nice slow walks to bring your dog next weekend? Here we have listed spots for the best walks in Scotland with dogs. You see, I’m a dog person too and I always love to spend time with my buddies. But unlike some of you who have the privilages of fresh air in the country side, I’m living here at the bustling town with streets full of cars and the traffic are jammed. City Parks around your house is fine, but why not look for something new and much more better than that.

As I said, park is a fine choice, but if you’re like me, I think both of as—and our buddies—deserve more than that. So, how about a nice long walks in the country lane with the cleanest air and the greatest landscape. Sounds like a brilliant idea, right? Here I’ll take you to list some of the best walks in Scotland with Dogs, and hopefully me and my sweet buddy, Bandit, will soon be there too.

The Inverness Walks, Where Leisure Meet Pleasure

inverness castle
source : wikipedia

The inverness walks are actually routes available around the Inverness City area. Inverness has great potential of nature destination spots, the area is blessed with a wealth of beautiful scenery and landcape all around it. From waterfall, canals, and ports, to trails and walks at Ness lake—yeah, “that” Ness.

This area is full of the best routes for leisure walks for you and your dogs, it’s varied with options but all promise you one thing, a rewarding and unforgettable experience of Scotland Highland’s beauty.The trail is also very accessible, you can easily pinpoint it on the Great Glen Way. From the Scotland Great Trail map, you only need locate Inverness at the Glen Way where you’ll continue your walk up to Fort William there.

A Long Coastal Walk at Mull Head, Deerness

Brough of Deerness
source : commons.wikimedia.org

Mull Head is located at the edge of Deerness, the very tip of the area, the furthest one east of mainland Oakley. If you are on the team sea rather on team highland, it is not a problem at all. Scotland got you covered. The country not only offers the best selections of highland walks, but also couastal walk too. If you and your buddy like the idea of walking near the beach with raging winds on you, then this spot might be a better play.

Whatever your choice of walk, what I can say is that choose the best walks in Scotland with dogs that really suits both of you. Where you guys can enjoy the walk, the scenery, and above all—the moment.

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