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Best Walks In West Scotland For Epic Instagram Posts

Scotland highland is like a pure heaven for not only hikers but photographers, its terrains are varied but what win it over any other walks is the scenery. Short walks around the country side and you will found your instagram spot instantly, imagine how many would you collect in a long walk. Here we select best walks in west Scotland for your next trip to the country, so write them down and set your camera on the ready.


Iona Abbey Panorama
source : wikipedia

The Island of Iona located just a bit to the west from The Island of Mull. Iona has been the burial place of Scottish kings for centuries as it has been believed as a sacred island by tha Iron Age inhabitants of the Hebrides. Apart from the historical importance and deep religious background, The Iona Abbey, a small church on the island, has been flocked by tourist.

These visitors are not only came for a monastic solitude of sanctuary but also great pictures in and outside the church. While the island has been a premium place to walk or hike, the landscape surroundings the church has been famously captured by many people who adores pictures of the Abbey and the Scottish coastline as its background.

Ben Nevis

ben nevis
source : wikitravel.org

Ben Nevis is Britain’s highest mountain famously known for experienced hikers and professional climbers. It’s a Scotland landmark standing over 4,000 feet a hike to the summit, this mountain is not for beginners and the faint of heart, although, it’s beauty has resonances through all Britain.

If you keen to climb up, the pictures of scenery you will be taking are treasures not easy to found. However, if you are not the best fan of hiking, stunning photographs can also be taken with the great mountain Ben Nevis standing proudly in the background. Many tourists have taken the opportunity to capture an idyllic view when bright green grass and vivid sky harmonised with the white snowy peak of the mountain and its dark shade of stone sides. Truly, a remarkable scenery.

The Scotland’s nature treasure are places at the heath of its highlands and seas. These best walks in west Scotland offers you the gorgeous landscapes of the wild, rugged countryside that will not only captivates your eyes but also like of your followers. Say bye to photoshop, I’m heading off to Scotland for my next Instagram post!

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