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Get Your Wilderness In The Best Hikes Of Scotland

Scotland is the best place for escaping. For you who are tired already with your urban life, you can go to Scotland to see its natural view. You can go hiking to Scotland’s mountains which have extremely beautiful natural. You will be never get regret to go hiking there. There are a lot of mountain that can be chosen. For the avid hikers or casual walkers, Scotland is the paradises for hiking activities. If you want to get more adventurous and get the new thing you can be the avid hikers who prefer to trough the difficult path to reach the uphill. On the other hand, if you only want to get the natural view, you can be prefer to choose tourist path with gentle tracks. So, what are the best hikes of Scotland? Here you are


Best hikes in scotland - Suliven

Suliven is known as the resembling of a toblerone. You can check by yourself the view of Suliven which is a unique mountain that rises vertically from sea level. For the track, you can start from wear near Lochinver. Or, it also recommend for you to walk from the east so that you can trough the rugged and wild terrain. For this track, you will get the wilderness feel in best hikes of Scotland.

The Fisherfields Rounds

the fisherfield rounds
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For you who like the wilderness journey, The Fisherfields Rounds which is set in Fisherfield Forest can be the best choice. This place is famously known as the great wilderness in Highlands. For the wilderness track, you will get in for more than five Corbett and Munros. You can imagine how wonderful your hiking journey is in this place. You will walk through a group of hills and Munros which is a mountain that has a height over 914m. As the best hikes of Scotland, to get the uphill of The Fisherfield Round needs 2 days.

Ben Alligin

Ben Alligin
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For the next best hikes of Scotland is Ben Alligin. It sets in the extremely dramatic location which is Torridon. Ben Alligin is from Gaelic name which has a meaning of Jewel Mountain. Moreover, from Ben Alligin you will get the best view of Highland. Start from 50 m above sea level, you will get the tremendous walking adventure in Ben Alligin. For the height, it has height point to 986m. It might your heart will be pumping up but still it is safe for you pulse.


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Quinag sets in Sutherland which has best offer for the excellent and abilities hikers. It let you to get experience steep cliffs and dizzying drops. Actually the mountain has height of 808, but there is a facility of car park which has position up to 250m from ground level. So, you can go hiking up to around 600 m. As the best hikes of Scotland, Quinag has the best views of Scotland’s oldest geological gems. So, it must be the tremendous one for hiking in Quinag which has excellent experience without any too much danger and difficult climbs and posed.

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