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The Best 4 Mountain Hikes In Scotland For Casual Walkers

Exploring nature might be the best one since we can refresh our body and mind trough nature. There are many ways to explore nature. There are also many places to go. One of them is hiking. Hiking is not always to reach the highest mountain. You can do hiking calmly, if you want to stop just stop but if you can go until up there just go. In hiking, your goal is not to reach the up again but your goal is how you can enjoy yourself to energize your body and mind by hiking. For the best place, Scotland might be the best choice. So, here are best mountain hikes in Scotland.


For the first, the best mountain hikes in Scotland is Lona. It is the best place for walkers who do not want to get too far since it measures one mile by 3.5 miles. So, for you who are prefer to walk peacefully and gently, Lona which is known as walker’s paradise is the best choice. You do not need to have more struggle to reach the uphill. Besides that, Lona which is a small island is a home to Lona Abbey. It is a church dating in middle ages.

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is located in Inverness which is a historic county of Scotland. It might be the best choice for you who like to walk long since it has peaking at 1.344m. So, that is why Ben Nevis is also called as the highest mountain. As the best mountain hikes in Scotland, Ben Nevis can be reached by two routes. For the first, is called as tourist path where you can ascend from Glen Nevis. For the other, you can also get to Ben Nevis uphill trough crags, corries, and scale buttresses. The second way might be the tremendous adventuring but it is not recommended for you who get tired easily or have faint hearted.

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur Seat as one of the best mountain hikes in Scotland is located in Edinburgh. This place also can be a place for escaping. For you who want to break a while from urban life, Arthur’s Seat is the best place for you as city dwellers. Although it is exactly in the middle of capital city of Scotland does not mean that it does not have any natural beauty. Actually, Arthur Seat is the vestige of extinct   volcanic plug. It has a height up to 251 m. There are two routes for this mountain which are for the casual walkers who need gentle road and the second is the more difficult route to get right to the mountain for the avid hikers.


Tentsmuir Forest

For the last but not least is Tentsmuir Forest which is located in north-east Fife. It covers 1500 hectares of majestic Scotticsh wilderness. Mostly the forest of Tentsmuir is bordered by water and packed with tracks and paths used by rambles, hikers, and even walkers. It might be the best mountain hikes in Scotland for casual walkers.

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