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The Best Day Hikes In Scotland

When you’re visiting Scotland or you are a Scot. That’s funny story about what native said about the foreigner. And make sure to visit one of best track for hiking in Scotland below. These tracks can be done only in one day!

Best Day Hikes in Scotland #1 – Sandwood Bay, Sutherland

Sandwood Bay
Source : brookwoodletters.blogspot.com

Sandwood Bay is right next to Cape Wrath. The track is one of historical landscape of the place since the Vikings and eventually the Spanish sailor landed in here. This perfect place of sand and dunes is popular with day-hikers despite its inaccessibility. You can witness fantastic view here and feel untouched by human beings. It also has amazing beach in the middle of nowhere.

Best Day Hikes in Scotland #2 – Dun da Lamh, Invernessshire

Black Wood and Dun daLamh fort
source : ben2benscotland.wordpress.com

This low-level hike is located in the Cairngorms which leads to an Iron Age Hill. The view here is very breathtaking. It is approx. 500 meters, and you can hike here for just one day. From here, it is free to take a glimpse of the Loch Spey, which is a place where people once paddled across the river.

Best Day Hikes in Scotland #3 – Quinag, Sutherland

source : common.wikimedia.org

This incredible ice scoured peak overlooks Diarmid;s home in Scotland. For hikers the spineback ridge and steep cliffs prove spectacular and easy sport. When you park your car, you’re already at 250m and it helps you with the romp up the green lower slopes to the 808m summit. You can look across a very ancient landscape from the top. In Gaelic, the name of the mountain means milking stool” and it is 3.5 billion years old and amazing geologically. Meanwhile the corrie’s name translates as “byre” and the lower slopes’ name, AirighnaBeinne, means “summer grazing. A long time ago, the whole mountain was a grassland for “Scottish transhumance” until the people were cleared from the place.

Best Day Hikes in Scotland #4 – Iona

source : wikipedia.org

Many people love Iona since it’s a very walkable and wild place. The fascinating scenery of burial place of Scottish king from centuries and the windswept island stretched a tiny one mile by 3.5 miles across, Iona is a religious roots which lie in the pre-Christian era. At that era, this place is thought to have been sacred to the Iron Age inhabitants of the Hebrides. And now hikers will passes the tiny church, Iona Abbey. The ninth Century, the Great Britain withstand in front of the church. It is one of the best well-maintained Celtic crosses in Britain. It’s a gorgeous place of monastic peace and solitude.

Best Day Hikes in Scotland #5 – Beinn Alligin, Wester Ross

Beinn Aligin
source : ness64.wordpress.com

This place features two Scottish mountains over 3,000ft high which make the place popular with hikers who want to hike in a day. The highlight of BeinnAlligin is the Horns of Alligin which is a great branched opens in the mountain. To walk the two summits and the Horns takes a full day, so this is a great opportunity for everyone who want to see great views in a day.

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