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The Best Hikes In Scotland Highlands, It’s Going To Pump Your Heart!

The Scotland Highlands may not have the height of the Alpine. But no matter how much you spend walking or hiking in the highlands, you will never get bored by the mind-blowing views and not to mention the sense of wilderness that these incredible highlands offer. Here are top 4 the best hikes in Scotland Highlands.The Saddle, Kintail

1. The Saddle, Kintail

best hikes in scotland highland - The Saddle, Kintail
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The Saddle, Kintail is one of best hikes in Scotland Highlands. The Saddle gets its spot in this list due to the edge line that connect the Saddle and its neighboring top which is MeallanOdhar or also known as the Forcan Ridge. The edge line offers a challenging grade ½ scramble with lots of beautiful scenery for those who seek for pleasure. There is an opt-out path exist that avoid the technicalities. This is retaining the character of the highland. When you take a new route with some challenging way to The Saddle, make sure to consider some easy ways to stay safe outdoors.

2. The Fisherfields Round, Fisherfield Forest.

the best hikes in scotland highland - fisherfield
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The panorama of Fisherfield is one of best hikes in Scotland Highlands! Perhaps, this highland is the ultimate wilderness walk in the Highlands. Also known as “the great wilderness”, this route takes in a group of no less than 5 people an experienced hiker. The start pint is called Sheneval that lies at the foot of the neighboring a Teallach. Your journey will consist of passing Bein a Chlaidheimh, Sgurr Ban, MullachCoireMhicFhearchair, BeinnTarsuinn, A’Mhaighdean and RuadhStacMor, and then turn returning back to the start point. Due to the nature and length of this route, your journey often split into 2 days with a camp in the middle but Shenevall also offer a great base, so it can be tackled only in one day.

3.Beinn Alligin, Torridon.

Beinn Aligin
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Beinn Alligin is one of many hikers’ favorite highlands walks in Scotland. The location is in one of the most dramatic locations.Beinn Alligin is a Gaelic name means “jewel mountain”. Your walk start at only 50 m above sea level and it continues until the highest point which is 986m. This is a walk that makes your heart pumping for sure! But the climb isn’t the only thing that raise you heartbeat. Ben Alligin have some of the best scenery in the Scotland Highlands. The views are better on a clear day.

4. The Ring of Steall, Mamores.

 The Ring of Steall, Mamores
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One of best hikes in Scotland Highlands is four mountains that sit over the 3,000 feet which called as The Ring of Steall. The start point is in Glen Navis and you follow the river into the hills. You will see one of the most amazing views in the highlands at The Falls of Steal and at 120 m high in Scotland’s highest waterfall. Fortunately, the route has no difficulties unlike those four above. Although there are some very narrow sections of rocky edge line but it’s still easily to walk.


That’s top 4 best hikes in Scotland Highlands. Dare to challenge yourself there?

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