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The Best Hikes To Do In Scotland For Hikers

Hiking becomes one of the most favourite things to do lately. People are eager to explore the wilderness as well as the ancient place and feel joy from it. Scotland is one of many countries that become hikers target when it comes to the best trail for hiking. In this country, you can do a lot of the best hikes to do in Scotland. In here, hikers can experience the challenging rocky hill and mountain while enjoying the fresh air of Scotland. Here are some of the best hiking trails famous among hikers in Scotland.

Ben Alligin, Torridon is what people call as the place where there is Jewel Mountain. Beautiful landscape along with adventurous road to explore is Ben Alligin attractive point. You can climb the 986 Jewel Mountain that will bring you adrenaline rush with its steep and rocky trails. Not only that, The Horn of Alligin is also one of the most heart pumping hiking trail. Hiking a mountain and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Ben Alligin definitely is best hikes to do in Scotland. To hike in here, you must be fully prepared especially the safety tool for this Highland mountain is a risky track to hike on.

The next place that hikers can try on is The Fisherfield Round, Fisherfield Forest. This place is the best hikes to do in Scotland for those who want to hike for multi day. The great Shenevall can be done in a day hike but for more exciting adventure of Highland wildlife, a campfire between the two main trails is definitely the best thing you could do in Scotland. The Fisherfield is a land of wilderness with greeneries and mountainous land surrounding it. Going a top of it you can see many hills that has different height and all has greeneries that will provide you with the fresh air of wildlife.

Hiking in Scotland is not complete if you don’t visit Quinag, Sutherland. Quinag is the famous mountainous hiking trail in Sutherland that has been a favourite among hikers. Quinag is almost always listed among the best hiking place in Scotland. It has the grassy lower slope that heading up to 806 summit of the mountain. Not only the beautiful landscape, the place also exudes ancient and historical feel as it is one of the oldest geological places in Scotland. It even also features car park to ease up hikers without having to park somewhere before going hiking. With all these qualities, Quinag is one of the best hikes to do in Scotland.

Note that before going hiking in those places, the officials warn hikers to be fully prepared especially in term of safety. The challenging road can be quite difficult for beginner and unfamiliar trail will risk those who are foreigner. It is better to join a hiking tour if you don’t know what exactly to prepare to explore the Scotland trails. For multi day hiking, it will be even more difficult to decide what preparation is needed. To get the best hikes to do in Scotland one can contact the nearest tour that provides the trail you wish to hike.

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