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The Best Hiking Boots For Scotland – Men And Women

If you ask me what is the best hiking boots for Scotland, the short yet best answer to this question is no right or wrong answer, only personal preferences. What we can do is to say our own personal experience of good or poor choices from our past expeditions and trips to Scotland. Each location and each trip will bring them different factors to consider, yet the most important factors will always be comfort and safety. You may be used to wear shoes, sneakers, or trainers to walk on the trails back home, but since you are going to hike in the Scotland, these shoes will not be a good choice. The topography of Scotland is pretty rough and the hiking routes often go off the trails and over rough, uneven, and sometimes wet ground is waiting for you if you want to gain access to the best views.So, here’s our list of best hiking boots for Scotland.

Best Hiking Boots for Scotland – Men

1. Mammut T Advanced GTX

Price: £165

source : klikk.no

The Swiss company Mammut released its hiking boots which are based on the successful GTX. So, Mammut T Advabced GTX have great parentage. Many hikers choose this boots because it’s comfortable to wear and possibly down to the cushioning memory foam. The boots also provide with Gore-Tex excellent waterproofing and not to mention that the control is outstanding.

2. Asolo Power Matic 200 GV

Price: £170

best hiking boots for Scotland - Asolo Power Matic 200 GV
source : mosejaw.com

Italian outfit Asolo also has serious hiking boots which AREAsolo Power Matic 200 GV. The boots are most suited to long-distance hikes and challenging terrains. The Gore-tex lining is combined with a one-piece leather upper makes excellent waterproofing. The boots also has shock absorbing system which makes it comfortable to walk.

3. Regatta Borderline Mid

Price: £75

best hiking boots for Scotland - Regatta Borderline Mid
source : regattaoutlet.co.uk

Regatta is one of best-seller boots in Amazon because of its quality products that well known to many hikers. The boots is a case in point and good looking boots. They’re come with lots of features that you can found on expensive boots such as heel and toe bumpers and seam seals. Wear this boots for regular, medium-length walks (8 to 12 miles) on a mix of terrains in Scotland.


Best Hiking Boots for Scotland – Women

1. Scarpa Peak Gore-Tex Boot

Price: £160

best hiking boots for Scotland. - Scarpa Peak Gore-Tex Boot
source : tiso.com

Scarpa’s Peak really stood out on Scotland’s topography. These boots have the comfort and ease with the all-weather tech and toughness of a leather one. It can endure any storm you care to chuck at them. Keep your ankle secure with a higher cut and the laces are a bit of a swindle to hook up properly. Once you wear the Peak you will go the distance over hill and fell.

2. Keen Terradora Waterproof Boot

Price: £109.99

best hiking boots for Scotland - Keen Terradora Waterproof Boot
source : mountaindesigns.com

Keen’s signature style is fun and quirky. The Terradora is suitable with Keen’s style. These boots are comfy, fully waterproof with cushiony soles. It’s a good choice for travelling and summer hikes with these bright spark in brown and grey boots.


That’s top 5 best hiking boots for Scotland.

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