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The Best Hiking Tours Scotland Offers For Tourist

Scotland is one of countries that have distinct rich and culture. Once a part of Britain, Scotland now independently distinguishes itself from England and become an interesting country to visit. If you have hobby for hiking, Scotland can be a good destination to explore. Here are some of the best hiking tours Scotland for tourist either foreign or domestic ones that are highly recommended.

The first site that is a heaven for hiker is Hillwalk Tours. Hillwalk Tours is a hiking tour provider that provides guide and supply for hiking. It emphasizes experiencing hiking to the fullest. Its motto is for hiker to experience the joy of hiking as real as possible without having to worry about the nitty gritty details of preparation. It also has many trails offered with reasonable price. Hiking with Hillwalk Tours will provide you the history of Scotland told by excellent guide. Some of the trails offered by Hillwalk Tours are West Highland Way that is popular with its distinct custom, Great Glen Way and Rob Rob Way. For price it will vary for each trail. For example, for West Highland Way, the price is €309 per person. It includes 18 different trails and all preparation needed. Definitely one of the best hiking tour Scotland has.

The next hiking tour that you can check out is Absolute Escapes. Absolute Escapes offer package of self-guide hiking and walking to explore the rural part of Scotland. Not only it offers the trail but it also includes an eye pleasing scenery to enjoy. The trails include West Highland, Great Glen, John Muir, Rob Rob, Speyside, and Kintyre way. For those who want to take more than one trail, they offer combined trails for nearer trails and is called center based trail. It also offers hotels and guest houses for those who want to stay overnight at the spot. The price may be a little bit over the top but since it includes guest housing that should be worth the price. Such packages definitely fits the best hiking tour Scotland can offer.

There are many other hiking tours and one of the best hiking tour Scotland is Inverness Day Tours. Inverness Day Tours get favorable review in trip advisor. It offers what is called as an adventourous nature-friendly tour that does not only let you to hike the trails but also experience the Scotland’s wildlife. Therefore, you will be taken not only the polished hiking trails but also spots that are wild enough for you to explore. The good thing about this tour is that it offers many packages with reasonable price starting only from €50.

Scotland is a paradise for hiking and it would be nice to explore it in joy and ease. Those lists of best hiking tour Scotland will guide you to enjoy your freedom in nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Scotland without having to prepare much as they are all will be prepared by the tour. Find one that suits your budget and your taste to make sure you enjoy your holiday.

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