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The Best Places For Wild Camping In Scotland

Camping is one of many people’s favorite activities. Especially for those who love nature, camping is such a great pleasure to do, so people will do camping happily with their friends and family. Most all places in the world have it favorite places to camp. In Scotland, there are some places that you can choose as your camping place. The places belong to best places for wild camping in Scotland. So, for you who prefer to do wild camping, you have to know these places. Then, are you curious about those places?

3 Best Places to Camp in Scotland

First place of best places for wild camping in Scotland that you have to spend with is Gleann na Muice, Fisherfeld. This place is a very proper place to do camping. This place is also including the river crossing in its route. So, it will be challenging for some people. However, it still has some pros and contras with this place. For the example, for the positive sides, this place is still wild and the atmosphere is still natural. Besides that, some people might do not love this place since this place will be very difficult in route, especially, when it comes to crosee the Abhainn Strath na Sealga.

Sheigra Bay, North of Kinlochbervie is the next place of best places for wild camping in Scotland. This place becomes the next choice since this place is a very nice place. In this place, you will find the grassland that will lead you into the beach. Meanwhile, for the pros and contras, still, this place has some important things that become debatable place. For the example, this place is still wild, but you do not need to walk so far for it. Besides that, other good thing about this place is you will find the good sunsets. Meanwhile, for the less good side about this place is that this place can be reach by car, which means it will decrease the definition of wild place.

The next place of best places for wild camping in Scotland is Clas Bheinn Chaol, Glen Etive. This place is counted as one of many best places for camping in Scotland. This place will give you challenge when you want to reach the place, since the routes are challenging. In this place, you will feel the real mountain eyrie to spend your night to do the camping. However, it means that you have to carry all of your kit to the place of your camping.

Those three places are the part of the best places for camping that you have to try in Scotland. Of course, it is something that very important for you, especially when you need to camp in wild place. Do not forget to prepare the important things that you might need when you do the camping. By preparing well, you will spend your camping as well as it is prepared. So, what do you think about the names of the best places for wild camping in Scotland?

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