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Top 3 Best Walks In Scotland Highlands

Scotland is a paradise for highlands walking routes and mountains, both for experts and just casual walkers. Whether you look for the history, scenery, or more dramatic moments, you will find them in the following list. Here are 3 best walks in Scotland Highlands recommended by walks’ lovers. Check it out!

Quinag, Sutherland

source : common.wikimedia.org

Quinag is one of the finest hillwalks in Scotland which offering dramatic ridges and fine peaks with its stunning views. Look from the history’s side, it has a meaning (it’s Gaelic language) that people named it Quinag because it looks like a milking stool. While the name of Corrie defines as byre and the lower downhill of AirighnaBeinne means summer grazing. Quinag has three summits attaining Corbett status. If you think you can’t reach the highest peak, you still can enjoy the walks to the first peak which the hillwalk is short and fairly straightforward. However, the first peak still gives a reward equal to your effort with spectacular view.

There is no public transport, so you can ride your own vehicles. You can park your car at 250m height of lower slopes before you reach the 808 m summit. Take a note, hillwalking during winter requires knowledge, skills, and experiences with proper equipment such as crampons and ice-axe because the routes might become more difficult to pass than in the summer conditions.

Sandwood Bay, Sutherland

Sandwood Bay
Source : brookwoodletters.blogspot.com

Still in the same area, now Sutherland keeps you to surround the area to the Sandwood Bay. This place is might known as the finest and most unspoiled beach in Britain because located in the remote areas. However, as you reach the beach, be ready to be awed by the scenery. Not only offers an amazing beach next to Cape Wrath which like comes out in the middle of nowhere, you can enjoy a walk along a bleak moorland track. The rocky cliffs and giant sea stack meet with the mile of golden sand and dunes will complete your exploration walk holiday. There is also a couple of streams that you can easily cross to walk along the level track. Sandwood Bay walks can be started nearest bus stop Kinlochbervie or park your car in Blairmore.

Black Wood and Dun da-Lamh fort

Black Wood and Dun daLamh fort
source : ben2benscotland.wordpress.com

As the name, Black Wood and Dun da-Lamh fortare accompanied with beautiful forestry, pinewoods, and an open hill ridge. Dun da Lamh is located at the nort-east of Black Craig provide the best look of Glen Shira and River Spey meeting. Although the hill is only a low level walk from Cairngorms to Iron Age hill fort with 500 m high summit, you still can enjoy fantastic views. From the summit, you can look down to the fascinating remains of a Pictish fort and Loch Spey and on to the first ford of Spey. You will feel like in a frontier fort area of 4,000 square meters. You can park to the opposite of Druim an Aird car park off A86 west of Laggan.

If you are looking for walking holiday destination, you can choose one or more best walks in Scotland Highlands above then put them into your walking itinerary.

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