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Top 4 Of The Best Hikes In Scotland

Scotland is the land for hiking. Its beautiful scenery and rich topography makes it a heaven for those who like to enjoy the road of nature. Hiking has been one of the favourable soft sport for those who are thirsty for adventure. For those who are in Scotland and wish to explore its rich land, here are some of the best hikes in Scotland that you can try on.

The first hiking spot that you can try in Scotland is Iona. Iona is a windswept island. It is also used to be a burial site for Scottish kings. The windy and green area offers an abundant chance for those who want to enjoy the nature of Scotland country. This small area stretches only 3.5 miles and can be reached from Mule with 1 mile distance. One of the place that drawn visitor is Iona Abbey church, a tiny, historical church. The combination of monastic buildings and green scenery of this place makes Iona one of the the best hikes in Scotland. To reach Iona, one should be familiar with the track since it is located in countryland, find a tour that includes Iona can also be the solution.

The next favorable spot for hiking is Quinag, Sutherland. Quinag is somehow a remote place with steep cliffs as well as spineback ridge that surprisingly makes a hiking an easy task for a remote place like this. It is surrounded by mountain and ancient landscape that shows the old Scottish feeling to it. Quinag is among the popular and the best hikes in Scotland that you can found parking car in it that is build specifically for hikers who want to explore around Quinag. Guinag is part of Sutherland and it is usually is included as hiking trail by hiking tours agency because of its landscape.

Another place from Sutherland that is worth to hike on is Sandwood Bay, Southerland. However, instead of the greenies, remote countryland, we will find a landscape that is near to sea shore. It is described as a beach that found its place in the most unexpected place. While the other hiking places exude Highlanders culture, the Viking cultures reflected by this area is what makes this hiking spot interesting. It has the combination of remote greeneries and open sea. It is full of day trippers that want to explore this place and is considered one of the best hikes in Scotland.

Another exotic, wallpaper-like place to hike is Ben Nevis , Invernesshire. It is the place where the highest mountain in Britain lays. The challenging road of steep and rocky road of mountaineer area is one of the attractive point of this place. To go to this place hiker needs to be careful and brings a lot of preparation. To hike the mountain, it needs approximately four hours to do so. This challenging yet beautiful spot is what makes this place one of the best hikes in Scotland. To hike those places you can also join hiking tours especially if you are not familiar with the trails.

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