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Top 5 The Best Hiking Trails In Scotland

Scotland is a paradise for hiking. It is known for its beautiful and distinctive topography. In Scotland you can explore the Highland and the Lowland of the country as well as learning the Highlanders and some streak of Viking. If you are interested to hike in Scotland trail, here are some of the best hiking trails in Scotland.

The first famous hiking trail in Scotland is Bein Alligin, Wester Ross. Bein Alligin is featured in Scotland website as one of the best hiking trails in Scotland. Bein Alligin has the topography of mountainous land which is surrounded by two mountains, Tom na Gruagraich that has height 922 M and Sgúr Mhór that has height of 986. It also has the famous Alligin Horns that makes this place a heaven for adventures with its challenging road. Bein Alligin has been hikers favourite especially during summer. The steep and rocky road is challenging however the place is prohibited during winter for the slippery ground may harm hikers.

The next challenging hiking trail in Scotland is Tenstmuir Forest, Fife. While the first trail is mountainous, Tenstmuir Forest is what you call describe the Scotland wilderness. It is a 2500 hectare forest with greenies and little river. There are already path that hiker can cross to enjoy the wildlife of Scottish forest. For those who not only want to enjoy the scenery but also explore its habitant, a nightlife hiking is also a recommended thing to do in Tenstmuir Forest. However, you will need enough light to catch some of the nocturnal living-being. Offered this distinct wildlife of Scotland, Tenstmuir Forest is one of the best hiking trails in Scotland.

Rocky mountain and greeneries may be too much for beginner hiker and for those who is interested in the culture and architecture without having to hike on challenging road could go to Iona. Iona is a historical, small country land that is always strong with the wind. It was used as the burial of Scottish kings. It also has ancient church that is part of Christian era and is an interested object to visit. Iona is a rural place with friendly country feeling that will bring you back to the old Scottish time. Iona also has steep and less rocky trail suitable for regular walking. In here you can also hire guide to guide you to explore Iona as well as telling you the history of Iona. Both historical and cinematic, Iona is definitely one of the best hiking trails in Scotland.

The last but not the least hiking trail is Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh. Located in the middle of city, this place is more approachable compared to the three places above. However, it doesn’t make this place less challenging with ita rocky road leading to 251 M volcanic plug. Arthur’s Seat can be an alternative for citizens who want to take a break from city life. Approachable yet still challenging, Arthur’s Seat is one of the best hiking trails in Scotland. That is all the list of hiking trails that you can try if you visit Scotland or want to get off from daily life.

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