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Where We Have To Go For Best Walks In West Scotland?

Have a plan for your holiday? Walking in Scotland might be the best recommended plan for your holiday. Scotland is famous as the place for walking. There are so many mountains that can be chosen for walking. If you want to get fresh air and want to release your stress, you can go walk in osme places in Scotland. There, you will be never regret to walk with your friends or even alone since the scenery is the wonderful one. So, here are some recommended places for the best walks in West Scotland.

Rothiemurchus Forest, Cairngorms

Best Hikes in scotland - Rothiemurchus Forest
source : archaicwonder.tumblr.com

The first recommended place for walking in West Scotland in Rothiemurchus Forest. It must be the best walks in West Scotland for the short route. In there, you will get the view of Caledonian forest and Spey River. Rothiemurchus is a home for Loch an Eilien as the most beautiful bodies water in Scotland. If you like the natural view, this palce might be the best one since you can see ancient pines.

Luskentyre Sands, Harris

Best hikes in scotland - Luskentyre Sands
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If usually you will walk to mountain in Scotland, you might take different one. You can go to the beach in Scotland. Luskentyre Sands which is the most beautiful beach in Scotland can be chosen as the walks place. It has aquamarine seas and silver sands which has beautiful views to the North Harris Mountain so that it must be the refreshing one. If you want to take your time longer in Luskentyre Sands in Harris as the best walks in West Scotland, you can stay at the one of the best cottage in there. Blue Reef lodge was inspired by The Neolithic must be the best cottage for you who want to spent longer time in Luskentyre Sands.

Necropolis, Glasgow

Exploring in Glasgow might be the best walks in West Scotland. When you go there, you can go to Glasgow Green’s West Brewery. It sets in tremendous ostentatious Vivtorian carpet factory. You can enjoy scenery and get the fresh air so that can make your mood fresh.

Sandwood Bay, Sutherland

Sandwood Bay
Source : brookwoodletters.blogspot.com

As another alternative for getting the best holiday is by going to Sandwoof Bay in Sutherland. As the best walks in West Scotland, you will find the glimpses of lighthouse which is placed in Cape Wrath. Besides for one day trip, it prefers to be more than one day trip. You can camp in here with your friend and take your time to enjoy walking in Sandwood Bay. Some people also recommended this place for the wild journey so that for you who want to seek the wilderness in Scotland, Sandwood Bay is the best choice. It is not too recommended for you who cannot take longer time in hiking or walking since it is only be perfect place for people who want to carry their gear to the biggest of moorland. If you successfully go there, you have to take memory in picture. Remember that, you have to make sure you know the place and it will make you be more fresh not make you too tired.

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